Google Keluaran Terbaru : Google Dekstop & Google Talk

Google Dekstop Versi 2.0 Beta has been released.

Mo coba? Download aja! Gratiss!! Di

It lets you search your entire computer, agregated news, tells you whats popular on the net, takes notes, tells you the weather, and alerts you of new email. Lets mark that down as the equivalent of a start bar in windows.

Google also released their Instant Messaging Program, with chat and voice support.

Wikipedia said, that Google Talk beta was released on August 24, 2005 and consists of both a service and a client used to connect to the service.
Unlike some other instant messaging services, Google Talk uses an open protocol for the IM part and it encourages the use of clients other than their own in connecting to the Google Talk service.

As of the launch date, the Google Talk client is available only for Windows (2000, 2003, XP); users of other operating systems are provided with instructions for various popular Jabber clients, such as Psi or Miranda IM for Windows ME and below, iChat or Adium for Mac OS X and Gaim for Linux. However, any program capable of using the Jabber protocol is sufficient, although the voice over IP service only works with the Google client.
Google claims they will release a specification for the voice extension in the near future.

Tapi Google Talk ni masi kalah jauh ama Yahoo Messanger.
Gak bisa ganti font. Gak ada emoticon (suram sekali.. :< ) .
Gak ada “buzz”. Gak bisa maen game.
Fitur buat call friends-pun juga gak gitu banyak fungsi, kalo temen bicara kita gak punya headset.
Aku pribadi masih seneng pake YM daripada google talk.

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