Leo, Ramalan 2006


2006: Leo Overview

As the year begins, you may feel torn between putting
in more time at work and giving yourself some quality
time alone. You can find the right balance if you
manage your time wisely, and if you remember to
‘measure twice and cut once.’ Do it right the first
time. During February, your primary relationship will
keep you busy. If you’re not attached as the season
begins, get yourself out there and look around. The
new Moon of the 8th could bring someone along who’s
just different and unusual enough to keep you

During spring, an urge to learn something new will
tempt you into taking classes or taking off for parts
unknown with your partner. A proposal or a lovely
invitation could come your way after the 23rd of May,
too. Be prepared to make some changes for nothing but
the most delightful of reasons.

Summer will be a fun, sociable season for you — but
expect some delays while traveling or attempting to
keep your appointments between July 23rd and August
16th, when communicative, travel-loving Mercury will
throw his engine into reverse — in your own sign.
During this time, always have a Plan B ready to go,
and expect everything to take longer than you’d
anticipated. This doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy
yourself. In fact, you’ll probably meet someone you
never would have crossed paths with if you’d been
where you were supposed to be.

Your natural talent for charming chitchat will be even
more lethal during October. You may even be able to
have a positive impact on a tough family situation.
Take advantage of the good, warm feelings the holiday
season inspires, and see if you can’t remind loved
ones of the importance of staying close. You may have
some extra work heaped on your plate during
mid-November, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.
Travel plans will come together nicely during
December, so make your arrangements and rest assured
that all will be well.

2006: Leo Career

Your job might feel just a touch too demanding as the
New Year starts. Cultivate efficiency and you’ll have
plenty of time for other pursuits, but expect to stay
busy until at least February 8th. At that point you
might find a new job opening or project interesting
enough to take you away from your routine. March,
especially, will be a time of transition.

Spring is all about new opportunities and directions.
If you freelance, expect a new client that brings a
different set of expectations. If you’re on the clock,
you’ll see a creeping change in the way you relate to
your industry. The last week in May will bring an
offer or promotion that might be too good to pass up.

After all that change, summer will come as something
of a relief to you — slow and steady as she goes. In
fact, from late July through mid-August, things will
slow down so precipitously that you might stall out,
especially if you work with communications, computers
or education. You’ll do well to have another project
ready to move forward, preferably one on which
progress can be made slowly.

October will pose a set of interesting problems for
you, but each one can be settled without stretching
too far from your normal mode. There might be tensions
simmering in the workplace, but you won’t have to get
involved with any of that ugliness. November will be
busy, especially mid-month, but you’ll actually be
glad to have the distraction. The holiday season will
go well for you, but might be over too soon.

2006: Leo Romantic

Make time for some you-time as you kick off your
brand-new year. The demands on your time are many, and
a little maintenance on the ol’ heart by way of some
peace and quiet will stand you in good stead. Start
your Valentine’s festivities early on February 11th;
you can sweep anyone off their feet, regardless of
whether it’s your longtime sweetheart or someone
brand-new. March 15th may find you
uncharacteristically indecisive about some matter of
the heart. Give it a few days and your intuition will
kick in; then you’ll create some fabulous excitement
around the 21st.

Spring brings the reawakening of love (or is that
lust?) and the blooming of everything around you,
which always makes you want to roar. However, the 11th
of April begins a week in which singles on the prowl
might want to tone it down a little, while long-term
relationships go suddenly from a state of hibernation
to spring fever. Look for more action in your love
life from May 23rd to 25th, when your generous spirit
is rewarded very sweetly indeed — perhaps you’re the
one being swept off your feet now.

For a good time in June, you need look no further than
the weekend of the 10th, when your always indisputable
magnificence is virtually blinding. Issue sunglasses
to your crowd of admirers, then see which one looks
best in your lovely glow. If you’re coupled up, let
your intuition guide you around July 5th; after the
fireworks fade, you can spark something special
indeed. From July 23rd through August 16th, you’ll
want to be extra-super-cautious in communications with
those you’re romancing, as Mercury’s in retrograde in
your very own sign. Handle the inevitable mix-ups by
dishing out some of your trademark generosity.

The very beginning of September’s got your name
written on it, so take that first weekend and have
your way with it. The 10th and 11th, too, have
you-plus-romance all over them. October finds your
natural charm turned way, way up; the coupled up can
enjoy some extra autumnal coziness, while singletons
can attract someone as loving and loyal as they
themselves. Holiday socializing heats up in
mid-November, with you as always at the center of
every party (holding the mistletoe over your own head,
of course). Plan a getaway in December; it’ll be
romantic, whether you’re traveling with your sweetie
or going solo.

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  1. whehehe….percaya ramalan juga ya? mau dong dibacain ramalan virgo hehehe….
    btw, yang lagi pol in loph ma cowok gue ;p lucu ya,kalo cowok lagi pol in lop, jadi romantis gitu, padahal aslinya mah ga gitu huehuehue…. segaharnya cowok,pasti ada sisi romantisnya ;p

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