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Akhirnya, setelah sekian lama gw cari mp3 Liberation Transmissions, dapet jugaa.. Full satu album lagi..
Gw suka album Lost Prophets yang kemaren, tapi gw juga suka album baru mereka.
Ini review buat Liberation Transmission nyontek dari situs itu..
Kalo gak puyeng bacanya (panjang siihhh… :p), ya silahken baca..

Dan btw, gw setuju review ini..

Lostprophets: a band full of intensity, from its booming guitar to the epic screaming, this band had more energy than anyone else in the business. This band knew how to rock, and they did it with perfection. However, notice how i said had more energy.

It was hard to follow The Fake Sound of Progress. My mouth literally dropped while listening to the fabulous breakdowns, and the nice blend of singing and screaming that fit the singers voice so well. Lostprophets were something new, something fresh, and created something different that had a very distinct edge. To follow, we received Start Something, where as you can see by my review of it, i enjoyed it very much. It delivered some new aspects to the table, while still keeping the best parts of the band there. Im sure many big fans were keen enough to pick up on some of the more poppy hooks hiding in songs like Last Train Home, and Last Summer, but it was done tastefully and the emotions werent turned up too high to make them sound out of their element. This brings me to the new edition to their discography, Liberation Transmission.

The album starts with a powerful, climactic Everyday Combat, and the only thing thats different is his voice sounds a bit lower, but the heaviness is still there and the overladen pop sounds make it a pretty anthematic fist pumping track. This is when it all goes to hell. Almost everything you loved about the Lostprophets are gone. I dont know what the last reviewer was listening to, but the sound has changed COMPLETELY. The heaviness, the edge, those headbanging guitar riffs, the singers chaotic and powerful screaming, its disappeared. Its simply gone.

What is left? The sound that is left is generic hard rock, with enough pop in it to make the songs worthy of popular radio station play. Dont expect a heart thumping Kobrakai, or even a heart tugging Last Train Home. This stuff is simply generic, and at times, feels emotionless and lacking any real content. The song Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) had an opportunity for a good song but falls on its repetitiveness and the lack of more than one good verse. The song Can’t Stop, Gotta Date With Hate sounds like they just didnt even bother to come up with something original, and decided to rip off The All-American Rejects. If you cant tell the chorus is almost exactly like I’m Waiting, listen harder. Other songs like Everybody’s Screaming and Heaven For the Weather, Hell for the Company never seem to get past good, and are hardly standout songs to listen to.

Download Songs :

  1. Everyday Combat
  2. A Town Called Hypocrisy
  3. A New Transmission
  4. Can’t Stop, Gotta Date With Hate
  5. Can’t Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won’t Save You This Time)
  6. Everybody’s Screaming
  7. Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Lonely Girl
  8. 4 AM Forever
  9. For All These Times Kid, For All These Times
  10. Heaven For The Weather, Hell For The Company
  11. Always All Ways (Apologies, Glances And Messed Up Chances)
  12. Rooftops

Link :

NB : Yakk.. Gw udah sukses upload semua lagu Lost Prophets yang baru.. SIlahken disedooottt..

26 comments on “Album Liberation Transmissions – Lost Prophets

  1. Kerja mbak Tika…kerja…kok malah download2 lagu…hehehehe…

    Aku download mp3nya dari tadi kok ga bisa ya… :(

  2. aku kalo download dari rapidshare pasti gagal terus. napa ya? kalo dari megaupload, pasti bisa..


  3. gak terlalu impress!
    cuman ngulang konsep album sebelumnya…
    palagi broken heart and torn up letters,
    mirip bgt kaya roxanne-ny the police!

    aniwe.. lumayan buat nambah2in playlist!!

    *and we say… :)*
    *yeah we say.. it is not enough*

  4. hehehe..
    emang rapidshare ini agak agak ribet kalo gak teliti.

    Pertama masuk ke link yang gw kasi itu, kan milih tuh, mo Premium apa Free.
    Pilih yang Free.

    Trus muncul halaman, yang di bagian bawah ada tulisan kayak gini nih.. :

    You have requested the file Lost_Prophets_-_LT_2006_.rar (68808 KB).
    This file has been downloaded 149 times already.
    IMPORTANT: Download-accelerators are only supported with a PREMIUM-Account!

    You have reached the download-limit for free-users. Want to download more?
    Get your own Premium-account now! Instant download-access!
    (Or wait 81 minutes)

    Harus nunggu 81 menit lagi baru bisa donlod… :p

    Tunggu aja sambil di refresh refresh terus..

    Yang sabar yaa…

  5. #erwien..

    iya sih..
    emang ada beberapa lagu yang agak males dengernya..
    Tapi tetep aja, gw suka..

  6. iki lagu opo to, tik? aku kok ramudeng …:D .. omahmu ning jogja yo? ning endi? sekali-sekali mampir omahku yo…

  7. “Masalah lama dan agak repot gpp lagi, kebanyakan yang gratisan emang gtu, yang penting kita sabar…”
    Syukur2 dah di kasih gratis toh… :D

    #ndoro kakung
    “Mbah…eling mbah…! Mbah iki wes tue’, ndak pantas dengerin musik anak muda, inget Akhirat mbah…”

  8. Asyik, beberapa bulan ini musick rock lagi sepi banget. Malas buka MTV, malas dengar radio. Akhirnya gua beli album-album zaman jadul. Baguslah sekarang ada angin segar, lostprophets salah satu band favorit gua. :)

  9. wah ternyata mbak tika musik nya keras juga yach, gak nyangka.

    btw request link buat download lagu dari band yang laen dong kayak SOAD ato MCR yach

  10. setelah ngeliat review article barusan, gw langsung donlot dari netwok nih…yg mana aja yg bagus nih? pernah dengar avenged sevenfold??

  11. #17 mas Kalong
    ya ndak papa mas…
    Ndak dosa kok beda aliran..

    #18 hengky..
    gw bilang juga apaaa…!!
    kalo gak mau puyeng jangan bacaaa..!!

    #20 gerry
    Avenged Sevenfold gw juga suka tuh.
    Ada satu album disini.. ;)

  12. Hehehe..
    Sorry ya kalo ada nama “Momo” tanpa kasih tau sebelumnya.
    Abis itu ditulis baru kemaren, baru tak bikin template-nya.
    Piye kabare Momo???
    Kabar-kabarin yah kalo ke Jakarta..
    Tika sekarang tinggal dimana, kerja dimana???
    By the ways,
    Glad to meet you here, though..
    Eventhough we’re not meeting each other yet.

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